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My College thesis animated short film "JASMINE" produced at Loyola Marymount University:

An award-winning short film about a little orphan girl stuck in a war-torn nation, and a young American girl, that share similar yet vastly different lives, and eventually meet in a different realm; where they discover for the first time that there's a different world outside of what they know.


Despite all the progress and advancements that we’ve made with science, technology, and civil rights in society today, Humanity continues to fail as long as there is a child that has to suffer from war and violence with no access to basic human rights, and no hope for a future. We need to put all our differences aside and work together to seek diplomatic and peaceful solutions, instead of fueling wars by sending arms and weapons, in order to make world peace a more attainable goal.

“Jasmine” won the Golden Lion Award, and Intercultural and Global Perspective Award at The Film Outside the Frame Festival in Los Angeles, as well as being a finalist for an award at Constantine's Gold Coin Animation film Festival in Serbia. It was also screened at Athens International Short Film Festival (Psarokokalo) in Greece, Sunscreen Film Festival in California, and NewFilmMakers Film Festival in New York City. 

2021-11-16 15_58_33-Jasmine - YouTube.png
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